Ch. Sapphire's Weave Me the Sunshine



     We are very excited about this boy.  He is a beautiful, rich red, and has an amazing coat.  He is filling out nicely and should be gorgeous by summer 2011.  He seems to love to show so far.  2010 has been a great year for him.  After "practicing" at a few shows, he seems to have gotten the hang of showing.  He won his first point in Missoula in June.  October was his month!  He won WD both days in Richland, and then took Boise by storm...WD and BOW on Fri/Sat/Sun and even took BOB and Best Akita Puppy on Sunday.  A BIG thank you to Judge Alvin Krause.  Back to back to back majors....what a weekend!

     Pete finished his Championship out of the puppy classes and the bred-by class. He is my first “home-grown” champion, and is very happy in his retirement…spent mostly digging large holes in the dog yard and flirting with his neighbors (Ginny and Rio). 

Photo of Pete winning BOW at the Richland shows 2010

Whelped November 5, 2009

Bred and owned by Katrina Rolen and Tess Bradley


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