Sapphire Akitas

"Fun Photos"   photo of Exxon



photo of Exxon with his sun glasses on

Hey baby!  Want a date?


photo of Exxon and Vibe playing 

Who let this fuzzy little monster in here?


photo of the family

Kat with all the kids


photo of Exxon and Vibe out by the hot tub

Mommy, play with us!


photo of Kali and Exxon 

Ok little brat, let's get things straight.  I'm the alpha around here!


photo of Kali and Exxon on the floor

We didn't do it, we swear!  Vibe did it!


close-up photo of Vibe

Simply irresistible...


photo of Vibe with a toy 

Please can I stay up and play a little longer?



photo of puppy with the big mouth

Open wide!


photo of Vibe (the tongue) and Ginny 

Kat, Vibe and Ginny


photo of Kobe jumping

Smile for the camera!   (photo by Sergio Pinon) 


photo of Kobe playing

This ball is a blast!   (photo by Sergio Pinon) 


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