Sapphire Akitas

"About Kat"

      My name is Katrina Rolen. I fell in love with Akitas 10 years ago when I acquired my first Akita Kali (Cashmere’s Mistress of Mayhem RN). Although she retired from the show ring one major short of finishing her Championship of Record, I was hooked on dog shows for good.

     In addition to my interest in dogs, I also am very passionate about the sport of triathlon. I work full time in the health care field as well. During the summer, weekends are crazy between dog shows, races, and working. Triathlon training is a year-round endeavor, and unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to avoid working all year either. Because of this nutty lifestyle, I do not breed litters very often. When I do breed a litter, I am very careful to find puppy owners that understand the breed and will love my babies as much as I do. I carefully plan each breeding in hope of improving the adherence to the breed standard, as well as producing sound temperaments. I am very grateful to several key mentors who help me with this goal.

     I cannot stress enough how important I feel about proper socialization and training. Akitas are assertive, powerful, and downright stubborn at times. With that said, they can be affectionate, loyal, wonderful companions if trained correctly. I will not sell a puppy to anyone that will not commit to training and socializing the puppy. These dogs need to be “raised right”!

     I love animals in general, and would love to live on a farm with lots of animals. With my current lifestyle, I limit my menagerie to my dogs and my pet hedgehog. Fortunately, the hedgehog really doesn’t require a lot of training or socialization. She just runs on her wheel all night and sleeps all day. She does like going to dog shows and being the travel trailer “pet”.

     Thanks again for your interest in my dogs. I can’t imagine life without them. They bring a lot of joy and fun to my life.


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